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Spacer Rapco Brake Systems are a unique blend of racing technology. After years of producing brake components for the aircraft industry, we can now market he same type of materials available to the racing market,from sprinters up through the NASCAR Monster Cup circuit.


 Heat Shields & Spacers











Part #                       Description

AU112HS                   0.06” Heat Shields (2 wheels) for AU112 &AU112T pads

AU112CS-0.44           0.44” Thick Aluminum Spacer converts1.25” caliper to 0.81” rotor

AU113HS                   Heat Shields for use with G.M. Metric Pads (2 wheels)

AU113CS-0.07SS       0.07” Stainless Steel Spacer for G.M. Metric Calipers (2pcs)

AU113CS-0.12S         0.12” Stainless Steel Spacers for G.M. Metric Calipers (2pcs)

AU113CS-0.18A         0.18” Aluminum Spacers for G.M. Metric Calipers (2pcs)

AU116HS                   Heat Shields (2 wheels)required for AU116 pads

AU116CS-0.07SS       0.07” thick Stainless Steel Spacer (pkg of 4)

AU116CS-0.90           0.9” thick Aluminum Spacer

AU118HS                   Heat Shield (2 wheels)required for AU118/AU118HD pads

AU118CS                   Caliper Spacers (pkg of 4) available in 0.12”Stainless Steel, 0.12” or 0.25” Aluminum

AU118CS-0.44           0.4” Thick Aluminum Spacer

AU118CS-0.065SS    0.065” Thick Stainless Steel Spacer (pkg of 4)

AU118CS-0.70           0.7” Thick Aluminum Spacer

AU118CS-1.15           1.15” Thick Aluminum Spacer

AU119HS                   Heat Shield (2 wheels)required for AU119 pads

AU119CS                   Caliper Spacers (pkg of 4) available in 0.12 & 0.25 aluminum

AU119CS-0.56           0.56” Thick Aluminum Spacer

 Special Size Spacer Available


Thinline Disks

8-hole mounting key-a-lign disc -0.35” thick

No Image

8-hole mounting Thinline disc - 7.62” dia. bolt circle, 12.9” dia., 0.35” thick

8-hole mounting Thinline disc - 7.62” dia. bolt circle, 12.18” dia., 0.35” thick.

8- hole mounting Thinline disc - 7.0” dia. bolt circle 11.75” dia., 0.35” thick

Steering Joints

Argo Manufacturing makes steering joints. We offer many different sizes of steering joints.

3/4" Round to 3/4" Round


3/4"-30 Spline to 3/4" Round


3/4"-48 Spline to 3/4" Round


13/16"-36 Spline to 3/4" Round


3/4"-36" Spline to 3/4" Round


9/16"-26 Spline to 3/4" Round


3/4"-20 Spline to 3/4" Round

Argo Manufacturing makes steering joints for Sweet, Schoreder, Woodward, and Quickcar applications as well!

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